Jean Laurent at the age of three with his brother Victor (centre) and a cousin at their parents’ home in Antwerp. Jean Laurent as a young man and student at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp in 1929 Jean Laurent as a student of Carl Flesch. Excursion with his teacher, England 1938 Jean Laurtent, 1930 Jean Laurent with his female students from the “Advanced Course” at the Royal Conservatory, Ghent, around 1945 Carl Flesch, England 1938 The Eugène Traey (piano) and Jean Laurent (violin) Duo, in 1941 Jean Laurent, 1957 Jean Laurent with composer Jef Maes whose violin concert Laurent performed for the first time in March 1951 in Brussels. Jean Laurent with the pianist Hellmut Hideghéti, Munich 1961 Jean Laurent, June 1964 “Beethoven Evening” during the Days of Music in Tutzing (Tutzinger Musiktage), July 1965 Father Augustin Kessler, organist at Schäftlarn Monastery with Jean Laurent in 1965 Jean Laurent, 1968 Jean Laurent, 1968 Jean Laurent, 1968 Jean Laurent, 1968 Jean Laurent, December 1968 Jean Laurent with the pianist Magda Rusy, May 1971 The Orlando Trio with the original members: Magda Rusy (piano), Jean Laurent (violin) und Wilfried Rehm (cello) before their debut concert in1966 After a concert given by the Orlando Trio. Jean Laurent with his wife, Marianne Laurent, and Viktor Weywara, Munich in May 1971 The Orlando Trio with new members, Magda Rusy (piano), Viktor Weywara (cello) and Jean Laurent (violin) after a concert in Munich's Lenbachhaus, 1968 Jean Laurent in Munich, September 1968 Jean Laurent with master pupil Yasuko Oktani (a students’ party of the Farewell party from his violin class at the National University for Fine Arts and Music, “GeiDai”, Tokyo, July 1978 Excursion with the violin class of “GeiDai” to Nagatoro, 12.5.1978 Jean Marianne Laurent, Munich in March 1973 (Photo: Prof. Nobukuni Koyasu) Jean Laurent, Château de Rochecotte, Loire 1999, on the occasion of his 90th birthday Jean Laurent, 1996 The last holiday snapshot of Jean Laurent together with his wife Marianne on July 1st 2001 in Venice
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